Verte Collection

This collection is a special collection of green toned abstract oil paintings. I've been working on it for the past 4 months, and I hope all the layers reveal that to you. The process was slow, not only because the winter season takes longer to dry, but because I can only blend smoothly when the paint is almost dry (about 3 weeks), and I can't paint over the lighter undertones until they are completely dry (4-5 weeks), or it can all become a muddy mess. It is a balancing act of knowing when each color was placed and work the brushes around each area for the desired textures at the appropriate times. And then I repeat the process every 3-5 weeks for each of the layers of paint, until it reaches a stopping point.

Some are on wood panels, some are on stretched canvas, and some are on canvas boards mounted on wood panels. So each has its own texture composition, making them all very unique even in a cohesive collection at large.

They are oil paints, oil pastel, and charcoal markings. All have a high quality varnish to help with UV protection.



abstract oil paintings