Brie Walter Art

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36” x 48” oil on canvas


This piece is an abstract expressionist oil painting. The tones and movements remind me of Scottish Highlands. There are subtle tones of blush and lavender-gray under these deep tones of greens and blues, which lure us into the depths of the layers. These deeper layers allow time to pause a bit as we gaze into it. I’m always looking for those little moments to escape into something and let the brain rest from the outside world. This piece really does that for me and my hope is it will do that for you too. 

It ships rolled, and can be retrenched by your framer easily. This protects the painting in transit and is less expensive than shipping it freight. 

If you are local, I can arrange delivery on the stretched canvas frame as is. Just message me to arrange those details. 

*It can hang vertically or horizontally, so you can message me which way you’d like me to wire it for your home. 

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