Misty Muses, 8x8”

Brie Walter Art

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Abstract oil painting

8x8” oil on wood, framed in unfinished maple. 

This painting is an abstract expressionist piece, no photo references, just movement of paints and textures across a smooth wood board, drawing on my instincts to guide the process. 

Smooth movements complement the rough palette knife markings. 

The warm undertones give the eye rest in this cool toned landscape, which is why I chose to frame this series in light frames. They highlight the golden palette knife accents, and the warmth of the maple hugs the greens and blues in a way that is striking when displayed on your walls. 

There are hints of grey’ish tans in the under layers that come through subtly in the green overtones. To achieve this, layers have to dry completely before adding each color, so the process is months long waiting patiently for each layer of oil to dry. There is also a balance of blending certain aspects just before it dries, so calculating both these stages requires checking on them regularly and doing small steps along the way. Otherwise, the colors would become muddy, so instead, we get to enjoy the beauty of all the subtle layers. 

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