• How to Commission a Painting from an Artist

    How to Commission a Painting from an Artist

    If you have been looking for an original painting for a specific spot in your home or office, and nothing is quite the right size or color combination, commissioning a custom piece may be the perfect option for you.

    I have a whole page of Q+A's to answer any common questions about the process, which you can find here.

    If you've found an artist who's style you connect with, the first step should be to reach out to them via their contact page. Contacting them via their website contact page has a better chance of getting a sure response versus the DM feature on Instagram, which sometimes hides requests if the artist isn't following you. 

    Start the conversation by letting them know how much you like their work, and maybe a few reasons why. Maybe you love the textures used, or the color combination, or a few specific pieces you particularly love and don't even know why. This helps the artist get an idea of what you are drawn to in subtle ways, so when you inform them you want to commission a painting, the artist will already know how to guide you in the process of talking about it.

    Let the artist know how long you've been admiring their work so they know how serious you are about chatting about a custom piece, and that they are not just one of many that you are reaching out to for quotes.

    Usually, when you are shopping for a new art piece, you aren't just buying it because you connect with the artwork, but you are connecting with the artist too, so feel free to ask any questions about the process. 

    When someone reaches out to me for a customized painting, some of the logistics I want to know are, dimensions of the space and the dimensions of the painting they are thinking of having made. I like to know which room will it be in? Is it for your living room? If so, is it the main focal piece above your fireplace, or is it another addition to your existing collection? Or is it for a bedroom? What colors are you drawn to, and what colors are already in that room?

    Send photos of any accent pillows or other art already on the walls. This helps an artist know how to specifically mix the colors used... should the paint mixes lean toward cool undertones or warmer undertones... which should be more accented or more dominant in the painting. There's a lot of context of the overall room and mood of that room that is needed to help guide an artist, especially abstract expressionistic artists who work based on instincts. All that information will subconsciously sink in as they start their process of painting and blocking out colors.

    When I work with my clients, I like to see it as a collaboration. They are trusting me for a special piece of art in their home, and I like to send updates with layers to make sure we are on the right track with color proportion. I can always add more, but can't take away, so when I get to good stopping places for drying points in the oil layers, I'll send updates of my progress. In this way, it feels like a nice collaboration.

    Commissioning a painting is a special process, and something you get to enjoy forever once it's in your home and you get to pass it down for generations to come and talk about how you had it made and got to be a part of the process.

    Just remember to be patient in the process. Oil paints are slow to dry, and have to be blended at certain points in the drying process to achieve certain looks, so it can take months to get your final painting. Enjoy the methodical process and let the artist work on instincts to guide the deadline rather than rushing it.

    The artist wants you to love your commissioned painting and final version! I love getting to know my clients through this process. It's such a unique experience. Artists used to only survive off of commissioned artwork, and I love that classic process of connecting with an art collector. I especially love to hear when someone has decided to have original paintings in their home and I'm their first artist to purchase from.

    Thank you for trusting me in this process to make something special for you! I know every artist who offers commissions feels the same way. So reach out if you are thinking about commissioning your first original painting or adding it to your existing art collection. We love to hear from you!

    To read more about my background and inspiration behind my artist statement, read it here

    To reach out directly, please visit my contact page.



    “We worked with Brie on a commission piece in 2020 and she was fantastic to work with! This was our first experience commissioning a piece of art and she guided us through the entire process so graciously. She kept us in the loop every step of the way and would send pictures and videos with regular updates. She collaborated with us on color schemes and it was so fun working together to see our vision come to fruition with her artistic talent. We got the piece right before the holidays and it was such a joy to see the final product! We get compliments all the time and love it more and more as time goes on!”

    --Kaki (Morning Choir painting)


    “When we were re-decorating our living room, I knew that I wanted a big statement piece of art to fill the one very large wall in the space.  But, it was scary trying to figure out what big piece of art to select and feel good about investing in, knowing that we would be looking at it every day for years to come.  After seeing Brie's work on Instagram, I contacted her about commissioning a large piece of art.  She was so calm and friendly.  We emailed, texted and even met via FaceTime so that we could get to know each other as we shared ideas for the painting.  The commission process was collaborative - a process of working together to decide on colors, size, shapes and just the overall vibe of the artwork.  Brie sent us pictures of the artwork in process and ultimately the final product.  When we received the canvas, had it stretched, and hung it on the wall, we were so happy with the art.  It was what we had all created together - some of our ideas and Brie's talent of hearing our thoughts and painting it so beautifully on the canvas.  We love our commissioned artwork.  It is truly one of a kind!”

    --Jennifer (abstract oil painting 48x63")